Do you care what is in the vaccines?

There is a new  controversy bubbling about vaccinations. There have been news reports that there is a measles outbreak . Parents are increasingly concerned about vaccines because of the Autism epidemic. Some parents have claimed that the child’s behavior had changed after the MMR vaccine.  These parents are convinced that the MMR vaccine was the catalyst that caused that change.

We need to find out what is in these vaccines and then make an informed choice to decline or accept. If we can prove that the ingredients in vaccines are toxic according to the people who determine what toxic things are, then we can decline to have these toxic chemicals injected into our children. We will have a leg to stand on. We cannot just say “no”. We have to give an acceptable reason for declining vaccines.

I would like to start a conversation about this topic.  As time goes by I will try to prove that vaccinations are toxic and the premise behind the necessity for them is false.


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